The Functions of Data Analytics by Lin Hsin Hsin Intelligence Center
Our Capabilities:

  • Web-based
  • multiple sites
  • interactive
  • data sets
  • structured data
  • unstructured data
  • unlimited number of keywords
  • unlimited number of parameters
  • unlimted number of combinations
  • a great variety of graph types
  • unlimited number of graphs
  • minimum hardware resource
  • perform on the fly, in real-time

    Some examples of Data Visualization:

  • Example 1: Graph (partial) on Facebook subscriber emotions
  • Example 2: Graph (partial) on Comparison of Features in Social Media
  • Example 3: Graph (partial) on Ontology of Money Laudering
  • Example 3: Graph (partial, more details) on Ontology of Money Laudering
  • Example 5: Line Graph on Connectivity