How Deep is the Ocean?


How Deep is the Ocean? Oil Painting by Lin Hsin Hsin

How Deep is the Ocean?, 1989
Oil on Canvas
88 x 160 cm
Aqua Series
coll: National Gallery, Singapore

Painting 1st exhibited during 6th solo exhibition
titled Where Water Flows, sponsored by Deutsche Bank AG
July 4 - 18, 1989, National Museum Art Gallery, Singapore

Painting will be on display @ the National Gallery, Singapore
The work is being displayed @ the DBS Gallery
Gala Opening by the Singapore Prime Minister
& the President of the Republic of Singapore
public can view this artwork from Nov 24, 2015

 Oil on Canvas 
   Aqua Series  


Question asked, but, is there an answer? Perhaps not ...This painting, part of the Aqua Series, which depicts the various dimensions of water and its environment. Water, in its three state of manifestations is odorless & colorless, can only be expressed by its encounters with its immediate surroundings and containers, indeed, water is an embodiment. However, the ocean is a different matter, rather than being embodied, it embodies! The vastness and the depth of the ocean simply awes! Albeit the browness and the power of science and technology, How Deep is the Ocean? is a question yet to be conquered! In 1988, this immense and immeasurable ocean drove the question, hence the painting!

What Curator Says

"A highly original artist Lin Hsin Hsin has developed a lyrical style in a totally personal idiom. She paints reflections of experience and sensations transformed by her imagination into balanced and dramatic compositions of subtle tonal hues and simple design."

"Lin Hsin Hsin is also a computer consultant and a poet. She paints on canvas and paper, only in oils, never watercolors, even though her work on paper looks deceptively like watercolors."

Excerpts from Art Catalog
Introduction to Aqua Series
Constance Sheares
Art Historian
July 1988




the whole body of salt water that covers nearly three fourths of the surface of the earth