IT INVENTIONS by Lin Hsin Hsin

1) Contents herein has been verified.
2) "Interactive Web based Grid Geometry Construction", July 2006
3) The Straits Times, 8 October 1999, Page 4



  • 2018 May 19 SpaceGraph
        100% DAG-based Blockchain 3.0
        Scalability, Security & Speed
        first in the World
  • 2018 May 19 Unified Theory of Graph (UTG)
        first in the World
  • 2017 Nov 11 Encryption Paradigm, Algorithm, Solution
        Impervious to Attacks
  • 2017 Mar Industrial IoT Solution (IIoT):
        to be announced
        first in the World
  • 2016 Feb/Jun Four Mathematical Theorems:
        Lin Hsin Hsin Theorem
        Lin Hsin Hsin Space H▓
        Lin Hsin Hsin 3 Color Theorem
        Lin Hsin Hsin Thermoelectricity Theorem with four prepositions
        Lin Hsin Hsin Thermoelectricity Color Effects
        first in the world
        2016 Jun, breaking news, London, UK     

  • 2016 Mar IoT Solution:
        From Trash to Ca$h
        1st prize IoT Solution during IoT Asia Hackaton
        first in Singapore
  • 2016 Jan <PugScript> :
        A Dynamically Configurable Visual Script
        to be used with FAME
        first in the World
  • 2016 Jan FAME on Android
        Finger or Fist Accelerated Mathematical Engine
        first in the world
        2016 Jun, breaking news, London, UK     

  • 2015 Mar STEP on Android
        Sustainable Time-motion Enabled Power
        first in the world
        2015 Jun, world prmiered @ Kebble College, University of Oxford, UK     

  • 2013 Mar FIT on Android
        Finger Intelligence Technology
        Finger Choreography on Android
        first in the world
        2013 May, world prmiered @ Future Lab, ETH Center
        2014 Jul, paper published IEEE CS, Proc of 17th Information Visualization Conference
        2014 Jul, lecture delivered @ University of Paris, Decartes, Paris, France     

  • 2012 Oct Mobile Phone Orchestra on Android
        ochestra instrumentalists across time zone
        first in the world     

  • 2012 May Visual Cognition: OCIA
        first in the world
       2013 Sep, paper published in Science of Vision Journal, Florence, Italy

  • 2011 Oct 8 Stereoscopic 3D Design & Display
       without extra hardware & 3D glasses
       2012 Jul, paper published BCS, Proc of EVA 2012, London, UK
       2012 Jul, lecture delivered, EVA 2012, London, UK

  • 2009 Jul Jewelry by Equation Only
        single process, without ray tracing, rendering
        voxel-free, unlimited scalability
        first in the world
        2009 Nov, exhibited, IS 2009, Metz, France     

  • 2008 Oct Meditech
        first in the world
        requires NDA

  • 2008 Oct 3 File Optimization
        first in the world
        requires NDA

  • 2008 Jul Non-parameter Driven 2D Geometry
        pixel-free & paint-brush-free
        infinite scalability, byte size, file-less
        orthogonal grid geometry art
        first in the world
        requires NDA     

  • 2007 Jul 3D Sculptures by Equation Only
        single process, without ray tracing, rendering
        voxel-free, unlimited scalability
        first in the world
        2007 Jul, lecture & exhibited, IS2007, Paris, France     

  • 2006 Dec IoT
        first in Singapore
        nobody understood the phenomena
        exhibit was vandalized in Singapore Science Center
        damages not compensated     

  • 2006 Oct MPML
        Multimedia Painting Markup Language for Digital Rights Management
        first in the world
       2007 Mar, book published     

  • 2005 Jun ICP In-Camera Painting
       Using the Camera As a Paintbrush
        first in the world
       & without PC image editor
       2011 Jun, paper & lecture, AIC 2011, Zürich, Switzerland

  • 1999 Dec 3 Web-based 3D Engine
       change browser to display 16.7 million colors
       3D Animation Generating Infinite # of 2D Images
       with any micro movement of a pointing device & withoutclicks
        first in the world

  • 1997 Font Engine
       to generate "@" styled FONTS: A to Z, ASCII font set
       first published & used in book title" In Bytes We Travel
       first in the world
       2000 font e was stolen & used by IBM for e2000 Series servers

  • 1996 Initiated &.Established Web Art 1.0
        orthogonal grid geometry art
        pixel-free & paint-brush-free
        infinite scalability, byte size, file-less
       first in the world
        paper submitted to ACM (Association of Computing
        Machinery) was rejected
        2007 Jul, paper published in IEEE CS, London, UK
        2015 Jun exhibits showcase during WebSci 2015, e_Research Center, University of Oxford, UK

  • 1994 Apr 19 Virtual Museum
        Lin Hsin Hsin Art Museum was established
        first in the world

  • 1994 Jan Painting with PC-Mouse
        without Photoshop
        first in the world     2006 Jul, paper published in IEEE CS, London, UK
        2007 Jul, uses only one digital brush

  • 1993 Feb Y2K
       discovered Y2K bug while creating
       a financial forecasting model on a 486 PC.
       After some iterations, she asserted PC
       hardware & software were only be valid up to
       year ending 1999
    . Her letter to Business Times,
       Singapore, received several insults. Suffered
       enormous lost opportunities costs for bug fix!