Lin Hsin Hsin is a digital native, an IT visionary, futurist & inventor, Artist, Poet, Author & Composer. Powered up by Linux, Hsin Hsin pioneers digital media since 1986. She has initiated many different genres and sub-genres of digital art: 2D, 3D digital art, still & animated, interactive, participative, Web Art, Digital Performances, Finger Intelligence Technology on Android.  SMART -- Super Mathematical ART. Lin Hsin Hsin anchors on Android, invented Finger Intelligence Technologies (FIT), currently FIT 3.0 -- creates art in < 1 millisecond with Finger on Android Lin Hsin Hsin's Android Fingers on Android @Speed of Thought 1st virtual museum in the world celebrating 24th anniversary The 4 Mathematical Theorems of Lin Hsin Hsin, launched June 1, 2016, London
museum main menu real-world non-digital oil on canvas, oil on paper, categorized by themes and by Series, handmade paper, paper workshop, sculptures Since September 1994, Hsin Hsin has completely replaced the real-world paint & brush by computational aesthetics and a PC mouse to paint SuperMathematicalART Hsin Hsin uses one finger on Android platform to created 2D paintings, 3D sculptures & finger choreography to enable live 3D performances Hsin Hsin is a nature lover, optimizes computing resources, she pioneered equations-based digital sculptures July 2007 & jewelry, 2009 poems by Lin Hsin Hsin, an author of 70 books, including 8 poetry books, of which 3 books are completely dedicated to computers and the Internet museum theatre: this video clip was an extract from an interview in Spanish, broadcast to all Spanish speaking nations in July 1991 read all about Lin Hsin Hsin: IT inventor, artist, poet, composer bibliographic info available in 21 languages: UNESCO, magazines, journals, newspaper, broadcast media museum shop: art books, poetry books, U gotta read them all museum cafe: suip your favorite drink, listen to music, relax first virtual toilet in the world, 1994 information counter: news and reviews, greetings, timeline and more can be found here. infocounter



was initiated & established by Lin Hsin Hsin
A interdisciplinary IT Inventor, Artist, Poet, Composer,
who anchors on Linux & Android

April 19, 1994, the world first virtual museum
was delivered by Mosaic 0.9N, on a Silicon Graphics Server

Lin Hsin Hsin is the FIRST PERSON in the world whose 3 ART-on-CHIP were
selected & liftoff by NASA OSIRIS-REx Mission to Asteroid Bennu

Lin Hsin Hsin's Art Collectors:
worldwide, in Germany & digital art collectors

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