The design of the Virtual Museum entrance layout is based on the following:


  • Future & Present
    The world has entered into the tablet & smartphone era, Hsin Hsin chose to use the language of tiles and slates.

  • Future & Present
    Indeed, these tiles take shape of the keys on her laptop keypads, wherein her computational aesthetics journey began since 1994!

  • Past -- Technology
    As the virtual Museum was first (April 19, 1994) delivered by Mosaic 0.9N Web browser, the tiles assimulate the shape of a mosaïc -- an element of building.

  • Past -- Art
    The layout of these c o l o r e d  t i l e s is a reminder of the color palettes --
    from whence she started her paint and brush voyage @ the age of six: won a children art competition prize in Hong Kong.


  • digital art museum, first virtual museum in the world since 1994