Finger Painting
IPAD is redundant!
finger painting, ipad is redundant Lin Hsin Hsin  


You do NOT need software to do finger paintings
There is NOTHING NEW in IPAD finger paintings!
If you can paint, understand and is ABLE to write software
you do NOT need scanners, tablets, pens etc
These are eco-UNfriendly commercial gimmicks!
The TWO-button mechanical mouse is MORE than enough
for you to make a painting, even photo realistic paintings!!

The history of finger painting dates back to antiquity,
as early as in the eighth-century, in China!
In Qing Dynasty, Gao Qipei (1672-1732) has created
great paintings using his fingers! In the Western world,
there were evidence in the prehistoric caves of
southwestern France and in Etruscan, and its value
has been known to Leonardo da Vinci!

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