Earth Panorama


planet earth by Lin Hsin Hsin,digital media pioneer,digital art,first virtual museum in the world, 1994

Earth Panorama, 1982
Oil on lama paper and canvas
88 x 128 cm
Man & his Universe Series


Deploying the practice of oil on lama paper and canvas, this artwork is devoted to the glory of the planet Earth (Latin, Terra)" the third planet from the sun, and the fifth-largest of the eight planets in the solar system. Earth is also the largest of the solar system's four terrestrial planets. This predominately terra cotta colored composition depicts a flatten view of the textured surface of the Earth, the moon and the many satellites of the planets of the solar system. The flatten view denotes a belief in a flat Earth or in the Earth as the center of the universe. The hues and shades of the blue patches signify the hydrosphere the abundance of water on Earth's surface, a unique feature that distinguishes (hence) the "Blue Planet" from others in the solar system, while the "empty" spaces (the deployment of lama paper signifies "scale height") represent the atmospheric presence of the 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen, with trace amounts of water vapor, carbon dioxide and other gaseous molecules. Indeed, this home to the millions of species, governed by humans are seen as dots in this planet.


    Mixed Media on Canvas   
  Man & his Universe Series  

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