Man and His Universe Series


Man and his Universe Series is the first occurrence where a number of paintings of the same subject matter is organized and presented as a series. The 20 paintings in this Series begun in 1982. They were exhibited in her 3rd solo exhibition in 1984.

As the artist has always been fascinated by the solar system:
sun, moon and the galaxy since her early childhood, it is not surprising that she expressed her scientific curiosities in her distinctive visual language and expressions. The series of paintings were all executed in oil on canvas, a medium she understands and enthralls. In addition, she has also chosen to paint on "textured materials" on the selected part of the canvas. These textured materials include the handmade lama paper from Nepal, canvas and jute torn or cut to a desired shape and paste it on canvas. Thereafter, she applies oil paint on these selected areas on canvas. During then, such textured medium signified the surface, weight and distance of a planet or phenomenon in the Universe. Some of the paintings in this Series are: Nebulæ, Milky Way, Asteroid

   Mixed Media on Canvas   
  Man & his Universe Series   

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