from book-worms to CD-ROM


from book-worms to CD-ROM by Lin Hsin Hsin,digital media pioneer,digital art,digital art guru,established first virtual museum in the world,1994

from book-worms to CD-ROM, 1989
Mixed Media
57 x 82 cm
with poem
Memoirs of Frankfurter Buchmesse Series
coll: private, Hamburg, Germany  


from book-worms to cd-rom

you've got
the whole world in your hand

no, it's
the whole library in your hand

'tis the latest trend
you move with the entire
encyclopedia hand in hand

cartoon strips
& breathtaking graphics
will get your eyes fixed

digitalized speech
makes no squeaks
absolutely no screech

punctuated with
humors & fancy wishes
animated without a slightest twitch

still frames with still text
still frames with running text
running frames with still text
running frames with running text
whatever your objectives
all will be met

between audio & visuals
choices & voices
it'll automatically be switched

as book-worms take their wounds
CD-ROMs make their booms
will hardcopy books see their dooms
maybe not so soon?

dedicated to Dr & Mrs Inke & Justus Woydt, Germany

Lin Hsin Hsin
Aug 22, 1991 


                      Mixed Media                      
 Memoirs of Frankfurter Buchmesse Series