browsing began in the University of Illinois camp
later, along the Netscape Nagivator lane
where Marc Andreessen was brought to instant fame
& Bill Gates slept in insomnia pain

while Netscape naviGates
Gates explored the virgin highway plain

he explored & creeped, peeped & pricked
speed along, browsed & stripped
hence opened a newer lane, perhaps war?
indeed, the Microsoft Explorer is to be blamed

while Netscape stays in Hyper Text Marc up Lane
& Netshaped into the HTML 3.0 extended terrain
it again naviGates the Bill's Winner's brain
highway taxed and Navigator must be tamed

while Java continues to script
Microsoft bills paid & border extended
heads beveled, color shaded, mouse up and picture framed
ActiveX crawled & jumped out of its bibs and cribs

while users could now ride & race side-by-side
on the newer & faster freeway lane
compare and contrast to bet on a winning game
users are the one who clearly gain

from Mosaic to JavaScript
while users eagerly wait for less plugins & better trips:

he who naviGates must now gauge & re-engage
what to strategize next & how to close the Gates

he who opens the Gates, must now re-think & re- calculate
once security slips through the wide-opened Gates
users will not only be aggravated but close the Gates
steer away, re-meditate & investi-Gates

if you choose to race in these high-tech lanes
life is such that, it does not matter what & who innovates
it is what has been explored, who steers ahead & navigates
while users unceasingly watch, wait & again upgrade!

as obsolescence is constantly on the shrink
if arrogance is the key to "m o u s e   o v e r"
then success will depend on how far you can sustain
& how fast others can make the grade!


Lin Hsin Hsin
September 18, 1996