Data visualization is a graphic representation of data used to communicate information clearly and efficiently through graphical means by deploying various tools and methods. It uses information graphics, statistical graphics such as plots, dots and charts as well as data analytics to present sparse and complex data sets.


The Representation

In data visualization, numerical data or even character strings may be encoded using visual objects such as dots, lines, or bars, denoted by color, size, shape, thickness, density, and links without or with one or more axes to:

visually communicate a quantitative message in their interconnectivities
meaningfully convey information at a single instance or over a period of time
ptimizes visual communication and knowledge about datasets



Discloses data at several levels of details: from macroscopic to microscopic views
Provides concise representationplotperception of information
Provides categorization of data visually
Provides comparative studies of data @ one glance
Provides a comprehensive measurable interrelationship of data
Presents information in a structured manner
Creates user awareness
Stimulates viewer engagement
Provides Interaction between user and data in real time


Categories of Data Visualization Graphs

There are five main categories of Data Visualization Graphs


One Dimensional Plots

      Scatter plot
      Polar area diagram
      Time series sequence
      Timelines Line graph



2 or more variables  to create a 3D data graphs

      Scatter plot
      Pie chart
      Bubble chart
      Venn diagram
      Voronoi Diagram
      Stacked bar graph



A single origin, displays cluster information

      Tree diagram
      Ring chart
      Sunburst diagram



Physical locations, overlay on maps with different data points

      Flow map
      Sankey diagram
      Density map
      Heat map



Display relationships between datasets without words

      Word cloud
      Hive plot
      Alluvial diagram
      Matrix chart
      Chord diagram
      Node-link diagram
        - Cladogram
        - Dendrogram
        - Force-Directed Graph


Skills, Tools & Methods

With a huge arsenal of maps, graphs, and charts tools available, there is the great opportunity to create device and/or platform agnostic graphs that can pan, zoom and resize in static state or interactively. Be it commercially available software or open source, it is the science of numbers that seeks to: