THIRD IoT in Singapore, 2006--I-Musika:Mobile Interface Musical Expression (MIME) End-to-End Hardware made by Lin Hsin Hsin, INFOTECH Research & Consultancy. Lin Hsin Hsin Art Museum.


THIRD IoT in Singapore, 2006

I-Musika:Mobile Interface Musical Expression (MIME)
is a multidimensional interface that seeks to integrate
at least three disjoint neighborhoods or entities: keys, instruments and players

End-to-End hardware, including components sourcing
software, algorithms & hardware integration
completely conceived, designed, developed & implemented
by Lin Hsin Hsin, INFOTECH Research & Consultancy

Ref: I-Musika: Mobile Interface Musical Expression (MIME), 11th International Conference on Information Visualisation, Zürich, Switzerland, July 2007, pp. 888-891