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Lin Hsin Hsin SpaceGraph™ Unified Theory of Graph

The world FIRST 100% DAG-based Blockchain 3.0 Protocol

powered by mathematics

claimed by scalability, security, speed

May 19, 2018 08:00:00 SGT

Announcing new theorem

The Lin Hsin Hsin Graph Theorem

Unified Theory of Graph (UTG)


In mathematics, a Unified Theory of Graph (UTG) is a type of graph theory that allows all that is thought of as fundamental entities and primary properties of graph to be written in terms of nodes and edges both in the physical and digital world.

The postulation of the UTG has led to structure Spacegraph Protocol (SGP) and the construct of Graph Virtual Machine -- a State Virtual Machine (SVM) or Graph Virtual Machine (GVM) that powers SGP and its deployment to all Dapps in Blockchain 3.0

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