Zoomorph Concerto


in this place
if you think like a child
you'll soon find out
what is it all about

in this place
you must learn like a child
& play like an adult
then you'll see some results

bear in mind
in this place
everyone learns how to "curry"
though not an axiom, it's an unwritten theory

in this place
though success is no guarranty
opportunities for overseas trips, plenty
so long as you can tell cock & bull story

part of your duty
is to watch or weep crocodile tears
sticking your neck out
to help without fear

'tis a place that moves against gravity:
dinosaurs parade by the trolleys
each seeking his own glory
turkey systems become cold turkey

in this "fund-filled" desert
they search & research
consistently they found dirt
underneath their pants & skirts

overlooking the traveller's palm's suckers
are the nosy parkers
playing electronic soccer
trying to catch the pillar

research idea
cannot be converted into dollars
because of the snakes & ladders
or the donkey or monkey business?

join the rate race
naturing the research cradle
is not as simple
finally, seeing goose-pimples?

these user-friendly-fishes-without-water
are always looking for
"call for paper"
indeed, idea boxer chasing for idea novel!

nevertheless, for all ye who are sinking
the next best thing
is to watch the(zee)-bra crossing
until the screen growing fox-ing

oh, dear me
can't you see
everything is chicken feet
forgive me, oh thou & thee

'tis a place
be alert
then serach & research
to get your lion's share of "chocolate"

'tis a place
if you know how to cover up
you can certainly siesta in & fiesta out
& still get recognition aloud!

be a mountain goat
stand by the lamp post
avoid the jelly fishes & octopus
& construct your latest opus!  


Lin Hsin Hsin
August 23, 1993

Italics dennotes the titles (or approximate titles) of the artworks


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