© Equation as a Medium by Lin Hsin Hsin, Oct 2020


Dictionary Meaning


plural: mediums or media

a means of effecting or conveying something: such as

📍 substance regarded as the means of transmission of a force or effect
e.g air is the medium that transmits sound

📍 a surrounding or enveloping substance

📍 the tenuous material, e.g gas & dust, in space that exists outside large agglomerations of matter
such as stars, interstellar medium

plural, usually media

📍 a channel or system of communication, information or entertainment
📍 a publication or broadcast that carries advertising
📍 a mode of artistic expression or communication
📍 something, e.g a magnetic disk, on which information may be stored
📍 a material or technical means of artistic

such as paint & canvas, sculptural stone or literary or musical form

paint & canvas


it should be paint on canvas
as canvas is a surface

☝ are pigment-based medium:

🎨 oil-based
💧 water-based
🖊 ink-based
🖍 chalk-based
✏ lead-based

in general, pigment is a tangible substance



👎 toxic chemicals
👎 material decays
👎 pollution
👎 inflexible
👎 time consuming   
👎 ZERO scalability   
👎 storage nitemares
👎 ...