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    Born in Singapore. Lin Hsin Hsin is a digital native. Deeply rooted in mathematics and information technology, Lin is a digital media pioneer in Singapore, since 1985. She conceptualized and built the FIRST virtual museum in the world, 1994. Besides mathematics from National University of Singapore and computer science from University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK, Lin studied music and art in Singapore, printmaking from University of Ulster, paper making in Ogawamachi, Japan and Paper Conservation from University of Melbourne Conservation Services. Lin realizes her interdisciplinary pursuits in digital media.

    As an IT inventor, Lin anchors on fundamentals, optimizes resources. The algorithm driven Lin focus on paradigm shift computing, orginated Eco-computing in Digital Media Initiatives in 2007. Lin is a file size optimization expert.

    As a digital artist, Since 1996, Lin has initiated many genres of digital art and music, 2D, 3D, interactive and Web-enabled. In 2007, Lin discarded the 3D geometry modeling process, she pioneered equation-based process to create and animate virtual sculptures and turn them into real-world sculptures. Beyond which, she realized her avant-garde real-world jewelries in 2009.

    Lin created digital music in 1985, digital 2D, 1986, digital 3D, 1987, digital animation, 1989. Since 1994, Lin has completely replaced her real-world art pursuits digitally. Since 1994, Lin pioneered the use of a two-button mouse with a 16.7 million color digital palette to create unprecedented digital art. To date, she has created a HUGE and wide-ranging repertoire: from digital Chinese calligraphy, digital Western oil paintings, digital landscapes, portraits to digital glass, ceramics; Web Art, Net Art, Orthogonal & Non-orthogonal Art, large scale digital installation as well as digital fabrics.

    Some two hundred works were shown in her 15th solo entitled ".@rt: a cyberart show by Lin Hsin Hsin", 1997. In May 1999, Lin pioneered digital sculpting and animated sculptures in Singapore. Her digital sculptures were displayed and robo-sculpted in City Hall, Paris, and she presented her paper in the French Senate in October 1999.

    As an artist, Lin specializes in oil painting and creates plexiglas sculptures. She has held 15 solo exhibitions in Singapore, Amsterdam and San Jose and has participated in more than 210 group exhibitions in 60 cities and 25 countries across Asia, Europe, North and South America. She has been awarded Japan Foundation Fellowship, 1990, visiting fellowships to Germany, 1988, IBM Singapore Art Award, 1987, a silver medal from Société des Artistes Français, Paris, France, 1985.

    Lin's artworks are in private, public and museum collections in Asia, Europe and North America.

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    In 2000, Lin is one of the 20 from around the world selected by UNESCO to contribute to the Museum International Millennium Edition. In 1998, Lin was one of six judges invited to select the "Best Museum Web Sites in the World", a contest organized in USA. She was named as one of the 200 cyber personalities in "24 hours in Cyberspace" on the Web Site and the book of the same title published by Simon & Schuster, 1996.

    The Lin Hsin Hsin Art Museum inaugurated since 1995 has been awarded as the "Top 5% of All Web Sites" by Point Communication, U.S.A., September 1995, selected as "Top 1000 Web Sites" subsequently. Other awards include "Virtuocity Award" by VXR Corporation, U.S.A., July 1996. Besides being nominated as the "PCNovice Guide to the Web: the 2500 Best Sites" in the Art Category by Sandhill Publishing, USA, July 1998. Todate, it has been visited by more than .63 million visitors from 115 countries.

    As a poet & author, Lin has penned more than a hundred articles on Information Technology in journals and proceedings, besides having her poems published in USA, Singapore, Japan and Switzerland. As an author of 5 poetry books, her "Love @ 1st Byte", 1992 is the world's first collection of techno-poems on computers. In November 1997, the world's first collection of techno-poems about the Internet titled "In Bytes we Travel" was published. Lin has been awarded the Golden Poet Award in USA in 1989 and 1990. Lin delivers conference paper about digital media, digital media museum and securities issues in digital art. She is an author of 30 books.

    In real life, you can e-mail her in any of the twelve programming languages that she speaks or preferably in Chinese, English, French and Japanese.

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