Imaginations versus Realities presents a glimpse of the 10,000 moving images created in 6 months when Lin Hsin Hsin discovered, postulated and established her four new mathematical theorems in January 2016. Lin announced these theorems on June 1, 2016, London. Each of these works are configured or painted by her fingers on Android, done in a microsecond. One asks:

Is this Imagination or Reality? Indeed, it is

  • an Imagination becomes Reality, and Reality shapes & reshapes your Imagination
  • to unleash the power of your fingers or fists with total freedom via FAME -- an equation-based engine anchored on these theorems that enables instant multi-touch, multi-color interactions anywhere on an Android touchscreen in real-time.
  • An example of such imagination was evident in Lin's creation of the sunFX and roboDroid Series, as 2 of Lin's digital artworks was transported to Space on Sep 8, 2016 and be back to Planet Earth in September 2023 -- a first of its kind organized by NASA OSIRIS-REx (Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security-Regolith Explorer) to study Asteroid Bennu.

  • Even when Lin was a child, she was inspired by citus, altius and fortius and she has aspired to achieve her goals founded on fundamentals. As a nature lover, Lin uses minimum resources and maximizes the possibilities. The entire spectrum of works comprises of some 20 Series and more than a hundred Sub Series, they include Take a Line for a Walk, le jardin des papillons, #AnimalMigrations, The Road Ahead, Focus, Open Book, When Oil Drips, 3D Stereoscopic, No Speed Limit, LIFI, Encapsulated, Inventions, Cyber Security, Fintech, sunFX, roboDroid and beyond. From the finest hairline to the most painterly, all can be imagined and all be transformed into realities via FAME (Finger/Fist Accelerated Mathematical Engine). The collaboration of mathematics with human fingers on Android, in 16.7 million colors.

    Imaginations versus Realities conveys the significance of the fundamentals and the power of science and technology as the journey to Lin's artistic endeavors!


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  • digital art museum, first virtual museum in the world since 1994