Shimmering Pixels Assimilated Resistive Touchscreen Kindle ILuminated Emissions

Top: Figure 1 crystalline by Lin Hsin Hsin, any one or multiple slight touch anywhere on the screen
can produce variations of the image

Bottom: Figure 2 A variant of crystalline by Lin Hsin Hsin, after one slight touch,
can be anywhere on the screen

This is the latest invention on resistive touchscreen technology by Lin Hsin Hsin

When an image is created digitally, it will be viewed on a digital device it was created or another selected device. Under normal circumstances, the impression of the displayed image remains unchange with a hand-held or tethered device, under the same ambient lighting, environmental temperature, viewing distance, viewing angle, random or prescribed. Such static display will only be changed if the creator has designed or formulated an interactivity on the viewing platform such as a pre-determined finger or hand gesture to enable this interaction.

On March 13, 2019, Lin Hsin Hsin has invented the most avant-garde Human Computer Interaction, where it defies and refutes conventional approach to image properties and image in view: SPARKLE (Shimmering Pixels Assimilated Resistive Touchscreen Kindle ILuminated Emissions) the technology.

Lin Hsin Hsin has created a great number of SPARKLE digital Art on Android, whereby, any viewer can touch the screen & watch a great varieties & variants of SPARKLE digital Art shimmering LIVE!