B for Bread & Butter
C for Computer
for many, this is how life is anchored
by night or by day
in communication, work & play
by choice or by faith!

from the humble beginning to the now craze
geeks and non-geeks, all are amazed
whether you are in your early childhood days
or in the dwindling years of slower pace
in wonders, millions gaze & daze
from the humble beginning of Lisa days
to the now pods and pads -- "i pet" days!

indeed, many sing praise, praises and more praise
on this day, October 6, 2011
we remember our days of joy, as we cheer, as we sober
counting the wonders that were brought by a computer legend
who fought his life for the joy of millions!
nevertheless, we must also not forget his co-founder
also Steve, family name Wozniak, who contributed to the 1st Apple Core!

Lin Hsin Hsin
October 6, 2011
in memory of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs

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