this is an exit
an exit fixed or prefixed?
is there a fix
a patch or a quick fix?

this is an exit
a solidarity hitch
a planned ditch
or an unknown glitch?

be it a glitch, a hitch
or a collaborative ditch
this is an exit
that you can't toggle or flip?!

sail on, mothership
steer on, the lone ship
or an abandon ship?
who assumes the next kinship?

this is an exit
like a malware stitch
indeed, a switch
or an unprecedented malnet witch?

on the switch
witness an unknown fitch
an unknown footprint, a twitch
an exit -- a leech?

step down, stand down, tipped?
billion dollars flipped
billions redefined, relocated, slipped
all trends point to dip, deep...!

this is an exit
<-- finger -->pointing, who, how & which?
just who is the witch
that on this very switch?!

this is an exit
a switch
that pricks & creeps!
an intolerable machine, i.n.d.e.e.d!

Lin Hsin Hsin
June 26, 2016