Welcome to Emoji City, inaugurated on September, 2017
Welcome to EMOJI City


this is a city
a digital city
inhabited by Emojis 😃😄 😅
breath in, breath out
eat, sleep, work & play

whether u r sad or happy
gruppy or nutty
lovy 😘 or angry 😡

hands 🖐 on cheeks
or tongue in chic 😜
it is Emojis, cheek to cheek
silence or speak, stare or peek

whether u r someone with hair punky
straight cut or hair curly
guys with long hair or beard leeky
gals with guy hair or sexy

looking good or feeling gritty
day dreaming, moonshot or screaming
last in class or constantly grabbing trophies 🥇
from screen to screen, with codes < / > in between

keyboard savvy or leaky
passionate about cyber security or no worries
swear by Android or in deep thoughts
we inhale & exhale lives in every categories

whether u r connected to 4G or wifi
e-money or cryptocurrency
transact 🤑 🇴nline, is our lives daily
with bitcoin, preferably

whether u r a start⬆ or upStart
believe in software as art 🎨
3🇩 🐾 hardware with or without luck
🎲 & splice data day & night

in this city
it is a world, flatten in Emojis 😃😄 😅
static or animatedly


Lin Hsin Hsin
September 12, 2017