life in a 🔒


is an alarm sound
indeed, a siren sound

look left, look right
U are bound
albeit intellectually unbound

this is when
a chirping bird sound
is a delectable welcoming sound!

when night falls
U can hear a pin falling down

in any case
I'm screen bound
from screen to screen

life in a 🔒
work from home
with kids running around

life in a 🔒
conferences & meetups are nowhere to be found
whereas, webinars, plenty around

life in as 🔒
look left, look right
nobody walking around

by necessity, U stand on an empty platform, seen as a clown?
U step into an empty bus or train
yes, U have just entered into an eerie town

go into a supermarket, to stockpile!
get out & immediately home bound
do not sit or stand around in the mall1

the eerie town
is one that hounds
in silence U drown...!

during this 🔒
virus news abound
stay tuned to the ground

during this 🔒
research reports found
virus can even resuscitate, reboot & rebounce!

this is precisely how fear again pounds!
as more cases announced
fear, continuously mount

to the ultimate rules-based, U bound
is that of a count down!

this is when U can only mull
when can U next wear your evening gown & flaunt around

this is when U can only count
when can U lift up your frowns

when can it turn around
when can we say ciao

only GOD knows!


Lin Hsin Hsin
April 10, 2019


1) mall   \ˈmī (-ǝ )l\