artificial intelligence
Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence
is it intelligent?
maybe, it depends

it tries
to simulate human behavior
& replace human expertise

it was Marvin Minsky @ MIT
who first tried
lobster 🦞 nerves, he disected
possibly he inspected
so he thoughts
it could be bright prospects
if you could direct
to build a machine
to replace human acts

machine arms, human acts
knowledge based, binary brain
artificial intelligence
was first taught by human brain
then the machine be trained
next you command, perform & refrain
once recorded, you'll not be afraid of
the disease call brain-drain

a human act is complex
artificial intelligence
though does not relax, but perplexes

when it first acts, it translates quick
but the phrase squeaks
the alcohol is strong, the beef is weak

natural language, expert systems & robotics
since MYCIN
that are now many more that I have seen
if you're keen
now twenty years, it has been
it will flourish, I foresee
winks & blinks
definitely & differently you'll think

think or seen
watch the scene
but it may seem
it's always the human being he who thinks
& attempts by the machine
but at least, it tries
if it fails, it does not cry
tis, you who may suffer & cry
tis, you who is responsible & should try!


Lin Hsin Hsin
Mar 1, 1989


First published in Take a word for a Walk, July, 1989, p237, 238
ISBN: 9810010850
ISBN13: 9789810010850