Blockchain Wedlock VoW. Blockchain Matrimonial VoW by Lin Hsin Hsin--an ecryption specialist launch Proof-of-Vows. Lin is the founder of Lin Hsin Hsin Intelligence Center, 2014. Lin is the founder of the FIRST virtual museum in the world, 1994. LIN HSIN HSIN ART MUSEUM.




            on this dualSig platform
            i thee chain
            our love hash & lock

            with this lock
            we are the 1st couple on this block
            the genesis block

            with this lock
            we pledge our tamper-proof love, 24/7
            regardless of time zone, around the clock

            with this hash, consensus-based oracles
            we pledge our immutable love
            on-chain & off-chain

            for gains or losses
            for better or for worse
            in debug codes & in production mode
            till expiration do us fork!



          Lin Hsin Hsin
          Apr 25, 2018
          00:08 SGT


          SHA3="a69f73cca23a9ac5c8b567dc185a756e97c982164fe25859e0d1dcc1475c 80a615b2123af1f5f94c11e3e9402c3ac558f500199d95b6d3e301758586281dcd26"

digital art museum, first virtual museum in the world since 1994