FIT -- Finger Intelligence Technology




        finger gesture vocabulary
        coupled with finger gesture fluency
        translates to finger buoyancy:
        the power of opacity
        the effect of transparency
        speaks digital translucency!

        finger on screen
        releases energies
        invigorates, rejuvenates, revitalizes
        indeed, offshoots, breaks, the defined & undefined, a garden varieties
        aesthetic unity triumphs imageries
        mobilizes infinite possibilities!

        when ink overlaps: immediacy or latency
        navigates & colludes shades & shapes imageries
        finger on screen: the moments of competency & intimacy
        is overpowering rigidity, a fallacy?
        crouch or touch, incidentally
        a sheer practice or luck or technology?

        maobi literacy
        brush hair autonomy
        brush configuration, eclipse fantasy
        paper absorbs ink, legacy!
        is digital ink finger therapy
        a language for the digeratis?


        Lin Hsin Hsin
        Feb 1, 2014