In Shard We Trust or Frust ? by Lin Hsin Hsin--an ecryption specialist launch Proof-of-Vows. Lin is the founder of Lin Hsin Hsin Intelligence Center, 2014. Lin is the founder of the FIRST virtual museum in the world, 1994. LIN HSIN HSIN ART MUSEUM.


this is a tree we raft & trust
when the thrust gets rough
this is a tree that shard

this is a shard that we guard
a fork without lard?
no retard?

no retard?
till the next raft gets tough
again we shard!

shard          shard
harsh          harsh
a protocol to shard

in shard we trust
or frust
or a crust only to rust?



Lin Hsin Hsin
May 26, 2018




digital art museum, first virtual museum in the world since 1994