this is a bug
a millennium bug
in each and every PC it tugs

this is a bug
a millennium bug
charming or ugly like a pug!

it is an ugly pug
for you need to fix the bug
before it fixes you and sucks

it is an ugly pug
for as it ruts
you can't carry it over & lug it around

indeed, it was a supply by the trucks
IT staff, the world over
relentlessly, fixing the bug

indeed, it was supply by the trucks
new PCs, the world over
relentlessly, affixing the bug

it is a charming pug
for it chants like a lark
as it chimes

it is a entralling pug
for fixing this bug
only happens once in a millennium!


Lin Hsin Hsin
April 11, 1999



first published on p.15 Between The Lines, 2004,
ISBN: 3-937034-51-X (German Edition),
ISBN: 981-04-9512-9 (Singapore Edition), 196 pp, 16 color

Lin Hsin Hsin discovered the Y2K bug as early as 1993 while she was creating a financial forecasting model on her 486 PC. After some explorations, she asserted "PC hardware and software were only valid up to the end of the year 1999". She penned an article about the problem, but the article was rejected by the local business press for publication. On April 22, 2000, Lin was asked to digitally inaugurate the opening ceremony of the APEC Y2K Symposium held in Singapore.