A Woman's Place

A Woman's Place

in our society
man is better placed
& a woman's place
is being misplaced

in the first place
man is always brought into play
& woman can be used for play
or display

quite often, in the office
man plays upon
& woman gets played against
or played on

when man achieves
man gets played up
& woman gets played down
however, woman plays along

when a playman jokes
he can make a woman
feels out of place
so she leaves her place

in our society
when man & woman are face to face
woman must always keep a straight face
else she might get defaced

when a man looks into a woman's face
she must face up the man
& face down
for man cannot lose face

if a woman looks into a man's place
takes place
man will put woman in her place
& make her feel out of place

in our society
no place for woman
is better placed
than being misplaced!



June 13, 1993
Lin Hsin Hsin


i This poem was first published in "Sunny Side Up"
1994 xvi + 288 pp ISBN:978-981-00-5840-1, p.43, 44

ii "More Than Half the Sky:Creative Writings
by Thirty Singaporean Women"
1998 viii + 344 pp ISBN:978-981-204-629-1