art history?


      art history,
      what is it?

      is it art or noise tapestry?
      silence or resilience?

      is it contro\l/ed by art policies or burocrarcy
      supremacy or diplomacy?

      is it decided by curators' mercy
      or made by connoisseurs' money?

      is it painted by previous history
      make news by its currency?

      is it frowned upon by the majority
      or accepted by the minority?

      is its success based on publicity
      or praised by reviewers?

      is it ignorance on mediocrity
      & blessed by scarcity?

      art history
      what is it?

      is it painting art in history
      or painting history in art?

      a page in the making of history
      or a blank when don't make history?

      art history
      mysteries or miseries?

      pages in history
      or a destiny?

      Lin Hsin Hsin
      July 13, 1997