Lin Hsin Hsin's Vision on mobile phones & mobile phone networks on Feb 1, 1991 BEFORE 2G GSM networks
if you're on the mountain top
or beside a waterfall
you can now call
& your staff can't ignore

'tis Motorola's intention for all
by 1996, a network of 77 satellites
can relay all phone calls
to any spot on this planet

named Iridium
the element whose nucleus
is orbited by 77 electrons
will support all these calls

and how much will it costs
to make a call?
between US one dollar to three
for merely a one-minute-call

as compared to the US fifty cents
for a one-minute-call
within the urban system mall
where calls are linked to radio towers

is that all?
don't forget
the investment will cost
an estimated US 2.3 billion dollars or more

what are all these for?
for research, for progress
for improving communication links & information explosions
for peace or for war?

'tis truly the first global
cellular phone galore
perhaps it might be or become
an unprecedented telecommunication war!

Lin Hsin. Hsin
Feb 1, 1991

1st published p.54, 55 from time to time, Select Books Pte Ltd
ISBN: 978-981-00-2705-2 (paper), 1991, 276 pp, 4 color


1 This poem was written BEFORE Internet Web browser era, i.e. Google, Wikipedia etc and Radiolinja
2 Radiolinja is the first GSM operator that offers the first GSM operator in Finland, March 27, 1991
   It was opened for commercial use July 1, 1991
3 Motorola
4 Iridium, peroidic table: heavy metal, group 9, atomic # 77
5 Iridium Communication Services, Iridium SSC was first launched on Nov 1,1998
6 Iridium Communication was founded in 2001
7 The operating costs was 7 billion AUD, 1998