The Connected World by Lin Hsin Hsin,digital media pioneer,digital art,digital art guru,established first virtual museum in the world,1994 


The Connected World 


the connected world
is the Internet world -- all in one, one for all
changing solutions, changing lifestyles & more...

since Louis Pouzin
invented the packets communication network
packet traffic soar!

then Vinton Cerf & Bob Kahn
invented the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)
& the Internet Protocol (IP)

Sir Tim Berners Lee, Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) foresaw
Marc Andresseen, Netscape Mosaic Web browser
the must-have reader for all

Google Web & image search, results instantly pour
while discovering contents in awe
filtering it, is indeed, a chore!

results, relevant or irrelevant
as expected, surprises, or shocks
may well redirect your jaw!

Google Scholar, digital libraries or free bookstores
table of contents & beyond-the-limits content stored
read to delight or stop when the tender eyeball sores

tweet, text, chat, call, or video call, enthrall
never before, even when night falls
one continues in different time zone where daylight calls

more calls, chat on, endless calls
friends, business associates link in or add on
social media, add-ons, the be all & end all?!

silence, an unknown vocabulary for us all
noise, music: classical, hip-hop or pop, oui, j'adore
indulgence is never a doubt: do not pause!

online art exhibitions, authentic & junk
line up, wall to wall
from floor to ceiling, from ceiling to floor

point & click, drag & drop
cyber jaws: download, manipulate and redraw
if you can't draw, please withdraw!

free downloads, abide or against the law
today, get & grab them all
tomorrow, there will be even more...

law, what law?
copyright law, patent & trademark laws
crriminal laws? Ignore them all!

creative commons, one copyright for all
isn't that all?
no worries, don't litigate, don't recall

don't forget, the 24 x 7 cyber paws & claws
bots that run across ceilings & floors
from gate to gate, door to door, non-stop crawl

when hunger strikes, get a bite
beef stews or meat balls, vegetables, cooked or raw
all are available in kiosks & malls

apparels, accessories, the zillion online stores
compare prices, deliveries, on time, right to your door
vouchers & coupons, group on & more!

read on, more,
more, more,
more, more, more...

play store, apps store
download, install, uninstall, re-install
backup, restore part of duty call

everyday, work & play
play & work: an indistinguishable see-saw
cyber jogs, an inevitable draw!

just imagine, places of worship & brothels can be right next door1)
peace & crisis, can also coexist next door1)
nevertheless, in peace or in crisis, all can be ignored

on the contrary, while one disregards & ignores
when humanities call, hearts pour
charities & donations from all, big or small

what can't be ignored?
new launch, cyber traffic crawl & stall
patience, the last straw

indeed, 'tis the cyber rainfall
rather, the largest waterfall
never stop, never pause!

indeed, contents, continuously add on
never a dull moment, beguile or befall?
while bots and crawlers relentlessly crawl

one person, many identities
"i accept", please continue to the next floor
phantoms, virtual realities, followers applause

the connected world
all in one, one in all
all for one, one for all

no accountabilties, no controls, no issues at all?
or cyber giants, the controller of IT all?
so, you'd be the next giant -- the next s t a r t U P !

mobile data, wifi, ethernet, whatever the net or protocol
subject, object; verb, noun, adverb; location space in time
are all connected over cyberspace time!

the connected world is small
how small? 3° separation, perhaps, a little less or more
start up, meetup, talk up, it all chalk up!

stand in the crowd
store in the cloud
when need to be heard, simply shout!

make comments, solicit likes, have a cyberball!
have clout will stand out before the crowd
or sit in the crowd, initiate crowdfunding, dollars tout!

the connected world is
order & chaos
disorder & ethos

'tis the connected world, one without wall!


Lin Hsin Hsin
August 18, 2013


1) IP address


digital art museum, first virtual museum in the world since 1994