what is currency
is current
make profie currently
to avoid any undercurrent

what is current?
it is electricity
like sending electric signals across the city
like sending shock waves through your body

what is currency
is immediacy
it is valuation @ time t
it could be devaluation @ time t +δt

what is ¢urr€nc¥
can be shrunk without mercy
& expanded with latency
all without notice, potentially

what is the present value of money
it's an annuity over future value of the ¢urr€nc¥

what is the future value of the money
it's an annuity over its ¢urr€nc¥

what is currency?
it is a fallacy!

from dollar$ to rupiahs
from rubbles to reals
from ¥en to yuan
all are ¢urr€nc¥

what rises
falls on policy
what falls
breaks up policy

what is currency
leaves no room for legacy


Lin Hsin Hsin
February 2, 1999
p 17, 18, "Between the Lines", Lin Hsin Hsin, 2004
ISBN: 978-981-04-9512-1, ISBN: 978-3-937034-51-5



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