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from fresh flowers to towels
from software to porn cyber
these are shops on the mall cyber
open for business 24 hours

caalogs, from cover to cover
cyber gloss samples
just click, it's instantly available
to all shoppers cyber

odering is made simple
credit card number you enter
acknowledgements appears instantly
on your RGB monitor

is security something that matters?
depends on their integrity
& how you value your credit card number
&the hackers you may encounter

goods you ordered
will they arrive in order?
depending on whether
you meet cyber hijackers

will your cash become vapor?
depend on how the transaction is handled
jokes aside, humor honored
basically, trust is the only crux of the matter

electronic commerce
will or will not flourish depending upon
how fast security hubs & servers
can be turned info vaults cyber


Lin Hsin Hsin
September 9, 1995


first published on p.95In Bytes We Travel, 1997
ISBN: 981-02-3359-0, 224 pp, 10 color