hash (#)


is to be read as has..sh!
is symbolic & numeric

it denotes numbers
if you use it alone
it preceeds numbers
if you write it side-by-side
it totals up numbers
if you need a control

hash, as in:
hash total
hash search methods
hash-coding methods

hash, as in hashtag (#):
denotes a grouping of a topic
when it precedes a noun or a verb
popularly used in social media

hex \heks\ n
is to be read as hack-s
is hexadecimal in short

it's a numeration system
having a base 16, using 16 symbols
with numerals 0 to 9
& letters A to F

in other words:
16 is written as A
256 is written as 100
& # will be 7B in hex

hex is a system
commonly used
in computer data representation
for encoding & decoding
versus other systems
is binary or octal

in this country
hash or #
is used to denote
the unit number
for the individual units
of a multi-storey building
#15-20 means:
floor number fifteen & unit twenty

h is not hedge
hash is not hex
& hex is not hash!


Lin Hsin Hsin
February 11, 1991

first published in p.48, 49 From Time to Time, 1991,
ISBN: 978-981-00-2705-2 (paper), 276 pp, 4 color

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