from the minute you are born
to the day you are gone
you swim in a pond
the real world pond
the cyberspace pond

literally, you are a pawn
you sink or swim, much depend on
whether you are a swan or a prawn
you $ing or dream of beautiful song
along the path, you strike the help gong!

sound out the help gong:
self help, friend's help, family help
god's help, pet's help. organization help
you reach out to every kind of help
indeed, help is the best ding dong!

real world help
analog help
cyberspace help
digital help
spiritual help

help, help, help
endless help
effortless help
unconditional help
selfless help

help is not something that you cling on
only when something goes wrong
to help, or to be helped
helpful help
helpless help!

help, help, help
mindful help, mindless help
little help, big help
help of the help
helping the help

does this help?

H     E     L     P    

can you hear me?




Lin Hsin Hsin
April 15, 2011


video version available soon.

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