where jackals move 🐺🐃


where jackals move
the sky is the roof
watch & see the hoofs!

quadrupeds move
by instinct, by herds, never aloof
the gentle giants outside the zoo!

hippopotamus water bath to soothe
elephant trunks heave & hove
rhinoceros tusks push & pull

giraffes are no fools
45 cm tongue, waterholes spoof
drink & store, keep cool

while cheetah keeps its cool
do not disturb
else you'd witness the truth!

gazelles & impalas
run to avoid the pointed tooth
rather, the calculated move!

camels smile, always on the move
no choice, nothing to choose
shed more kilos, never let loose!

while keeping 40 hours sleep
watch out for its grooves
tis the king that rules!

where jackals move
dune fields also move
listen to jackals howl & shoo!

where jackals move
nature is beautiful
do not jostle, joy, plentiful!


Lin Hsin Hsin
Oct 31, 2008