Pushing the Limits  


from fame to shame
from glory to penalties
'tis the story
be honest, else be sorry
to the authorities
the nations
and your own body

was it for money
or idealogical loonies
or a mere shooting down of an enemy
'tis not a victory
when the story is told
realities they unfold
and medals withhold

friends or foes
the manifesto
citius, altius and fortius
in honesty as it was told

windfall or downfall
the athlete takes the risk
or science makes the twist
it will not be a mystery
all be down in Olympics history

pushing the limits
from laboratory to forgery
proceed on to lavatory
and back to laboratory
be it chemistry or technology
all be down in Olympics history

pushing the limits
the muscle
or the fizzle
remains a puzzle?

it will not be long
before the discovery nor a new muscle
or the launching of a more powerful chemical

friends or foes
be it the body or technology
the manifesto
mobility, morality and excellence

integrity before glory
else it will be
from glory to miseries
and medals buried


dedicated to the XXIII Olympiads
Lin Hsin Hsin
September 28, 1988

p 181, 182, take a word for a walk,Lin Hsin Hsin, 1988
ISBN: 978-981-00-1085-0



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