nuke, clear!
nuke power, clear!
procedure, clear
every step, ever tier, clear
implementation plan, clear
budget, clear
committee steer
go ahead, clear!

vision, crystal clear?

energy & power supply, objectives clear
risks, clear or unclear?
fear or no fear?
plan, clear?
approval, clear?
accidents, far or near?
disaster plan, clear or unclear?
fear or no fear?
precedence, store it in the rears?
terrorists attacks, clear or unclear?
unprecedented disasters, clear?
when disaster strikes, recovery plans, clear?
problems solved, clear?

if any of the above is unclear

change gear?


in the end, tears?

nuclear, stay clear?

oh dear!


Lin Hsin Hsin
April 22, 2011

digital art museum, first virtual museum in the world since 1994