what's difference between paparazzi & proxies?
both are dealing with issues public & privacy

while paparazzi aim at an individual's privacy
proxies aim at the masses' privacy

paparazzi pry
proxies defy

while paparazzi aim at celebrities
proxies aim at the ordinaries

paparazzi depend on telephoto-lens availabilities
proxies depend on digi-lens availabilities

while paparazzi exhibit media vulnerabilities
proxies inhibit private activites

both produce documentaries
both write history

while paparazzi upload personalities
proxies download activities

both press dairies
both suppress dairies

what's difference between paparazzi & proxies?
both are rudimentary to public enemies?

Lin Hsin Hsin
September 16, 1997

paparazzi n.pl It. It's coined from "paparazzo" between 1965 to 1970. It's the name of the photographer produced by Federicio Fellini's movie titled "la dolce vita" in 1959.