what is power?

battery power
diesel power
biofuel power
all are power

solar power
turbine power
turbo power
all are power

horse power
woman power
all are power

muscle power
vocal power
sprinter power
all are power

beauty power
aesthetic power
sensational power
all are power

wealth is power
health is power
eco-friendly is power
resources are power


what is power?

political power
intellectual power
creative power
all are power

persuasive power
decisive power
bulldozing power
all are power

iterative power
recursive power
re-entranable power
all are power


what is power?

power is a kingdom
tall as a tower
wide as a bower
sharp as a mower

power is a kingdom
loud like a hailer
bright as a glower
plow it like a flower

driven around with chauffeur
fly round in a helicopter
cruise around in a yacht with private sailors
travel in style and manifests your power

hang around as a online shopper
be served by an entourage of maids, bartlers and helpers
live and breathe as a superpower
be identified by your power


what is power?

abusive power
abrasive power
intrusive power
all are power

obstructive power
evasive power
manipulative power
all are power

what is power?

time-based power
herd sensed power
induced power
all are power

real world power
cyberspace power
digital power
all are power

material power
intellectual power
spiritual power
all are power


what is power?

wear it like a trouser
knife it like a razor
shoulder it like a soldier
shield it like a armor

power plants power
power points to power
power generates power
power monitors power

power commands power
power controls power
power restricts power
power constricts power

power corrupts power
power enhances power
power enriches power
power orbits around power!

detective power
protective power
indicative power
predictive power

sinusoidal power
exponential power
logarithmic power
monolithic power!

power on
power off
power up
power down  

auto power
manual power
power hunger
power struggles

constructive power
destructive power
what is power
but, what isn't power?!


Lin Hsin Hsin
June 7, 2008