second, millisecond, seconds, milliseconds
these are seconds
that define your winning position: first or second
1st round, 2nd round,... , 6th round
from beginning to the end
its a split second that defeats & speaks

to be a champion
to cheer your fans
to take podium
national anthem played, flag flying high, salute & stand
applause, fellow country men & women
'tis the result of the number of seconds

run, jump, split, rotate, dive, somersault, twist, pike or tuck
front, side, reverse or forward, inward or backward
synchronized body, feet & hands
floor routines, high, parallel bar or uneven bar
ring or hand stand
clocked with world record time stamp

focus & strength withstand
for those who can
master & excel to perfection
cheers to these men & women
who complete & freeze the motion @ a desirable second
who fight for these fraction of a second!


dedicated to Dr Costas Karageorghis
London 2012


Lin Hsin Hsin
July 28, 2012


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