Formula One, Singapore Grand Prix


The Singapore Grand Prix


from Mercedes to Maserati
from Penske to Porsche

while Jaguar is a cat with no claws
the racing standard is Ferrari

Red Bull signifies the new energy
Renault is the ruenault!

from One Fullerton to Riz Carlton
zip pass the Drive Connaught to the GreatWheel sky plot

the long haul to the top:
racing through non-stop, will put you on the spot

the spot that makes the sports
in this unprecedented night sky circuit
to set another track record
will much depend on the talent in the cockpit

on this day, September 28, 2008
friends & families gather while champions rally
The Singapore Grand Prix
is a sport that taut victories!

constructors, chassis & engines
drivers and teams
from starting grid to the best grip
we are Formula 1 ready!

from Argentina to United States of America
the making of yet another Michael Schumacher
who will reign the fastest lap
and record the best time elapsed

from team to steam, who will hold the podium
will depend on who can steer & trim the power band!


Lin Hsin Hsin
February 18, 2008