Virus, made in cn


this is a fear
aggravated by news in & out of your ears!
driven by its novelty, a whole slew of unknowns

how dangerous? fear
what is the cure? fear
how to prevent & avoid? fear

when will the vaccine be available? fear
in the office, people & objects, unknowns, unclear
in transit, better stand than sit, oh dear!

day in, day out, wear protective gear
number of cases, monotonic increasing, more fear
wherever the location, virus, please, don't ever come near!

fear of the unknowns -- the only factor, mere?
disinfectant spray, apply sanitizer to eliminate fear
at other times, this habit may seem rather queer

real time data & trend curves, again see & hear
do not jerk & jeer
as stress & tensions are caused by fear

upgrade personal & public hygiene
be vigilant, fear not, fear
keep the virus away, without tears & fear!




Lin Hsin Hsin
March 6, 2020