art books by Lin Hsin Hsin my reading list @art: a Cyberart show by Lin Hsin Hsin, 1997, ISBN: 978-981-00-9142-3,
signed, limited edition IT's Happening! Exhibition, 1994, ISBN: 978-981-00-5852-7 Memoirs of Deutschland Exhibition, 1993, ISBN: 978- 981-00-1898-3 Back to Nature Exhibition, 1992, ISBN:978-981-00-3901-8 The Art of Reading Exhibition, 1990, ISBN: 978- 981-00-1898-3 from time to time Exhibition, 1991, ISBN: 978-981-00-2704-4 Where Water Flows Exhibition, 1989, ISBN: 978-981-00-1090-7, limited copies Music Observed Exhibition, 1987, ISBN:978-9971-84-914-3,
sold out, print-on-demand Papaya & Umbrella Paper by Lin Hsin Hsin, ASEAN Conference & Exhibition, 1992 70 books: 10 poetry books, 8 art books (non-digital art), 1 dictionary (on palindromes),
 2 philosophy books,  48 books (digital media), 1 new book (to be announced).
Many technology papers, book chapters, in major academic publications.
 Her books have catalogued in Library of Congress, British Library, contemporary art museum libraries, contemporary art museums, major university librares in the world.


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