The Art of Reading

It is not surprising that it was books that inspired multi-talented Lin Hsin Hsin to create her latest series of paintings, entitled The Art of Reading. After all, her personal library consists of some 5,000 books - an eclectic collection ranging from joke books, poetry, plays, music, sport, autobiographies, to user manuals, a Scrabble dictionary, and even a handbook on fishing knots: the latter because she wanted to tie an authentic fisherman's knot for a painting!

The British Council is delighted to be able to assist Hsin Hsin in staging her 8th solo exhibition - the result of her visit to the 41st Frankfurt Bookfair late last year. There were plenty of books to inspired her but it was also the people and their moods, even objects like chairs tables and display screens which gave her ideas for her work.

The exhibits also document the history and process of publishing. In all, she produced 55 paintings and 3-dimensional works using oil on paper.

We wish her happy painting and happy reading.


Alen Webster
The British Council


Memoirs of Frankfurter Buchmesse Series



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