Sunny Side Up

sunny side up book front cover, oil on paper paper painting by Lin Hsin Hsin, 1992  

Sunny Side Up
Select Books Pte Ltd
ISBN: 978-981-00-5840-3 (paper)
1994, 288 pp, 5 color


          sunny side up

          to live
          we must be able to look at ourselves
          from each & every side

          therefore, we must
          unveil ourselves inside out
          & fold ourselves outside in

          we must look at our office desktop
          turn the up side down
          & flip the down side up

          we must
          put our back side to the front
          & hide the front side to the back

          we must always
          input & output side by side

          to prevent us from
          downfall & backslide

          good thing we must hide
          bad thing put aside

          by all means & all considerations
          jokes aside
          otherwise we will lose sight
          won't be able to sleep at night

          these are moments that I cherished
          captured through my eyesight
          these are my foresight
          whether they are wrong or right

          it's to give you some insight
          on how I look at each & every side

          whether you are on or off my side
          I am not partial & do not take side
          hope that you will keep my thoughts
          during daylight & by your bedside!

          Lin Hsin Hsin
          March 31, 1993


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