In Bytes we Travel

in bytes we travel book front cover & font designed by Lin Hsin Hsin, 1997  

In Bytes we Travel
World Scientific Publishing Co
ISBN: 981-02-3359-0 (paper)
1997. 224 pp, 10 color

          In Byes we Travel

          this is a book written by a techie for techies

          with Internet, the focus, the story
          basically, scripting these boring glossary
          is like translating technologies into poetry
          though fun unlimited, but at times I faced with difficulties

          terminology, plenty
          to humor these hard-core techies
          thru' the pages of my surfing diaries
          can sometime sound like Windsock voluntary

          to those who currently
          reside on domain university
          or out there practicing hacking artistry
          truly, I'm a nobody

          it's a recording, a journey
          of my experiences real or funny
          understanding the Internet identity
          & grasping the future of technologies

          when you discover & arrest stuff buggy
          debug & email me immediately
          give me your comments honestly
          for I like to hear your opinions frankly

          if you need to check my identity
          you can locate me on the Web, almost instantly
          I reside there virtually
          no, I mean seriously

          if you can't get me. don't get angry
          Ping me or my server fervently
          for this is the only way, effortlessly
          to locate those with cyber identity  


          Yours virtually
          Hsin Hsin


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