the sun in the studio

the sun in the studioby Lin Hsin Hsin,digital media pioneer,digital art,digital art guru,established first virtual museum in the world,1994,time,sun,solar system

the sun in the studio, 1991
fluorescent paint on paper
76 x 76 cm
The Sun in the Studio Series
coll: Singapore Art Museum


This painting has been

  • selected and printed as
    Christmas greetings & New Year wishes for 1999
    by the Minister for Information and the Arts, Singapore

  • broadcast to all 21 Spanish speaking countries worldwide.
    Excerpts from Televisa (Television Via Satellite),
    recorded during the exhibition can be seen in the Museum Teatro



      Fluorescent Paint on Paper  
     The Sun in the Studio Series 
  • digital art museum, first virtual museum in the world since 1994