plastic cards


e use & carry cards
necessary & junk cards:

from charge cards to credit cards
ATM cards to GSF cards

from supermart & superstore discount cards
to cafe & restaurant VIP cards

from phone cards & fax cards
MRT cards to Translink cards

don't forget our identity card
driving licenses & membership cards

club or society or association members
book & CD-ROM library
music & video library

dental & doctor appointment cards
beautician & vet appointment cards

calculators (card)
world time & calendar (card)

blood pressure meter card
heart pulse measurement card


AMEX, Visa, Master & JCB cards
local or global stored values cards
when place together
magnetic field can cancel each other

when this happen
plastic card
would remain
as just a plastic card

why can't we carry just one card
-- the age old smart card!  


GSF = gas station fleet card Lin Hsin Hsin
April 18, 1993  


digital art museum, first virtual museum in the world since 1994