Lin Hsin Hsin has invented several Technologies on Android: FACT (Aug 2017), FAME (Jan 2016), STEP (May 2015), TANGO (May 2013), FIT (2D, 3D, 4D, since Aug 2012)

Finger on Android Power Lin Hsin Hsin anchors on Android, invented Finger Intelligence Technologies (FIT), currently FIT 3.0 -- creates art in < 1 millisecond with Finger on Android TANGO -- When Equation Dance, Touch-ANd-GO with Lin Hsin Hsin STEP -- Sustainable Time-motion Enabled Power FAME -- Finger/Fist Accelerated  Mathematical Engine based on 4 mathematical theorems invented by Lin Hsin Hsin FACT -- Finger on Android Circling Techniques, deployment of centripetal or centrifugal forces